Her derriere applauds pulsating hips mesmerize
Beheld strides as graceful as a fair swan
In a presence of a goddess’s allure unphased though by the laws of nature commanded my manhood to stand
Firm is the grip of her feminine hold
Bliss evoked within the loins of a feme fatale
As the dominator takes control of her seductive soul
To drench the surface of her sanctum throughout the act as if digging for buried gold
The showers pour thus her petals soaked
By ones rigidity deemed dry
Tender anatomy grasp with the beauty of tulips
Placed upon Stonehenge where upon pressure intense impelled to cry
Intertwined the essence of the sun mingled with the mild fury of the night
Rays shine forth within her core relished a home
Thus moans uttered sweet as an owl whom descended from flight.

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