In slumber I drift beheld magnimity’s bliss To awaken to the comfort of precipitations kiss So soothing to behold upon the leaves rejuvenation drips The streams flow effortlessly as a vixen’s strides, experienced a euphoria thus heard a rattle snakes hiss, the sun exposeth its rays of warmth though duly hidden beneath a mysterious mist, […]

A sexy Contemplation

Man’s most formidable weakness, We must agree that each and every individual is unique on account of their differences but undoubtedly can agree on one similarity most if not all of us share as men “Our natural submission towards the appeal of pussy” Why is this so? It must have been hardwired into our brains […]


The maestro meditates as his magnum opus manifests His soul reflects the story of a diamond As a demon awarded angelic wings but remained in descent by the appeal of sin Darkness ensues for which gems shine bright as corals which glows throughout the densest of seas For which lions utter chants regarded a royal […]


Her derriere applauds pulsating hips mesmerize Beheld strides as graceful as a fair swan In a presence of a goddess’s allure unphased though by the laws of nature commanded my manhood to stand Firm is the grip of her feminine hold Bliss evoked within the loins of a feme fatale As the dominator takes control […]

The ramblings of a pessimistic optimist

Life is fucked up, Imagine living in a world where you’re more likely to be judged than to be acknowledged Despised rather than be admired We have no control over the circumstances we were born in but it’s our responsibility to make the best of it and yet our life experiences mould us from the […]