Remember to always pinch leave an inch and role

It is interesting to consider the common belief that our modern world no longer has values and morals in regards to sex and promiscuity,
How true is this claim; to be frank humanity is indeed hypersexualized ranging from the acceptance of a skimpy and somewhat self exposing demeanor among some women of society to the prevalence and lucrative nature of the pornography industry,
How can one judge when in truth and in fact sex does sell.
But why is it so influential throughout ?
Firstly without a doubt we are sexual beings as it was hardwired into our neural systems through nature but some might say that despite it being a Natural aspect of humanity this facet of day to day life is getting out of hand.
i must disagree when considering the very factor of history from which this topic is derived,
Consider the biblical era most notably the era of antiquity; promiscuity remained prominent and was regarded as an important factor in society,
Take into account pompeii a small City situated within Rome renowned for their numerous brothels,though engulfed by a catastrophic volcanic eruption it remains throughout history the city of promiscuity.
Or consider the Torin Erotic Papyrus a collation of sexual images regarded as the first dirty magazine,
Throughout the reign of ancient Egypt it was a common custom to inscribe hieroglyphics depicting sexual acts of various kinds both intriguing and somewhat disturbing which enforces the fact that sex played a major role in ancient egyptian society,
While through means of intellectual evolution and a sense of loathing towards ludeness some may judge our modern world as degraded with obsenities in truth nothing has changed for mankind was always and perhaps will always be hypersexualised.

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