Sweet Relief

An evident captive my virility Infatuation, a delicate flower Within my loins sustained longlivity As evoked an asteroid shower Disintegrated walls by flames radiance superseded A will to prevail which now ensues On account doubtful contemplations impeded Immediate believeth my callousless soul As a spirit which mourns by her image galvanized Dominance negated by one’s […]

Truly alluring

Revealed the light of immaculate legs refined As gold in its purity luxuriant beauty from her smile derived, A fully fledged vixen for whom one’s fervor steams in which when entangled by a maestro left fantasized. Her walls set ablaze by a weapon unconcealed Screams as chants of the spirit dispelled for a moment in […]


Experienced a story which captivates the heart An intense tale with tender narration this pure intent from passion imparts The odyssey derived from wealth’s accumulation The tension faded as sorrow evaded The tribes from which the merciless raided The shackles on ones wrist with diamond bracelets traded Along with affluence sustaining a legacy’s preservation A […]


Its incredible, from null manifested sheer beauty impeccable Accessed her secret chambers for which evoked intensified decibels, Midnight moans as an apparition at night for which her tender spirit roams Observed as Pluto ignited in flames a phenomenon to behold As a glacier preserving a fervid soul Lips as flora depicted golden petals under starlit […]

Life purpose

The ambience emanates luxury as one’s energy ascends, radiating the depth of power which superseded a mortals end, An infinite clan in which invincibility attained Beheld the head cushioned on a stump of a rival feudal lord slain, Unmatched my divine kitana flawless though smudged, A figure trod spectators remain Remarkless as seen a mountain […]

Slowly but surely

Massacred mayhem by money’s manifestation Refined beauty spoken of in mythology Under the influence regarded pussy my philosophy One’s heart vibrates to the casting of her hips Propelled in a motion appealing as beheld her tender anatomy, Instinctual in disposition ridden of her zest to experience calamity Chiseled the walls of Cleopatra in which crumbled […]


Salut moi ami, je suis riche And yet i remain humble Unhased by the praise awarded by my comrades As in solitude one’s ego inevitably crumbled The canyons venerate by means levitated By the elixir of prosperity duly inebriated Penetrated the clouds from which beheld a magnanimous rush as within a gaseous mountain beheld magma […]

Sensually sedated

To indulge with the weaker vessel one’s utmost pleasure A delight upon escavation to behold hidden treasures Her breasts so succulent as a peach from its tip Void of slumber thus experiencing Midnight’s bliss Her genitalia a gift of which I duly accept With lips as strawberries So sweet and seductive Upon beauty so surreal […]