Some call it luck,others call it fortune or is it just  karma?Throughout my existence on this earth there’ve always been certain phenomenon which i have acknowledged; many based on a factual nature while others seemingly more esoteric or unexplainable for that matter.I’ve been in many situations where i ponder to myself as to how legitimate […]


Can there be such a thing as true equality?This question right here is a hard one to answer considering several factors.Firstly what does equality even mean?To be equal means to be the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.Lets put this definition into perspective; further back in the earlier times of human society one main form of obtaining neccessities was done […]

Forgive me for speaking truth

There’s alot of hatred in this worldAll this division to the point where i have to wonder if humankind was literally destined to be fucked.We’re living in 2022 where the mindset of many have gotten more unusual,I won’t be a hypocrite so as to adulate the earlier millenia when i infact didn’t experience it first […]

Intimacy beyond sex

The most unexplainable experienceMingling in private with a mortal goddessCurves resembling an hour glassWith lips succulent to the eyes and perfect for suctionTo how passion has ignited to cool down with a simple douse of water would induce steam and yetI beheld something more than a mere  figure with a bosom firm enough to marvel […]

Greater than you think

Have you ever heard the statement “if you have enemies or people that hate you that means your’e doing something right” ?How agreeable is this remark, if people hate you that should mean you may be a person of low morals or worthless character right?Wrong, when took into contemplation it is an obvious fact that […]


Beauty such beautyThe most refined of elementsEvidently celestial thus when clutched our beings levitateHer smile the canvas from which succulent lips tauntLuring my life force towards a vessel most alluringHer demeanor by my very whim adoredThus i soar in spirits as a hawk whom fully grownTo embrace her very essence a mortal mingled with the […]


There are things in life that we often have to take time out with effort in order to earn: loyalty, trust, respect ?These are things that take time to obtain but can be lost in an instant.Imagine being in a commited relationship for over a decade with a bond thats derived from having personal faith […]


A good question to ask is what is fear?Is it something that was taught?Or is fear something that was instinctually hardwired into us.In my opinion fear is something internal which can be both non-sensical as well as a form of protection.Look at it this way human beings vary from gender to gender, environment to environment […]

A king isnt born he is made

What it means to be a king; it doesnt necessarily mean one has to be ruler over a domain, sit on a throne or have a crown.   To be a king in modern times refers to mindset, character as well as to possess qualities which exhibits value within a man.                                                                   Hardwired in man from nature is […]