A Leo’s Legacy

Oxygen with thy Majesty’s scent intertwined Dilated pupils as a fading moon Resonance immaculate as kindred forces combined in which experienced harmony as an instrument in tune The planets in alignment as the sun renders its message, beheld a dimensional passage, a mere mortal attained grandeur as the mass of Jupiter deemed massive In a […]


The stallion snorts as sheer beauty rides Through levitation within her essence I glide In which provided a path by my spirit guide Petals ablaze in which pollen screams Spurting cries in Sanctity’s name as quenched by sultry tearful streams Eased for the moment as the plates shift slow, Exhalation exerted within the darkness exalted […]

Say no to violence against children, women and each other

Designed to destroy,the device of death Deadly within the palms though dormant when concealed It’s creators beheld exuded regret For moulding a toy towards which murderers appeal To flee the ground a natural reaction As a damaged soul ascended above beyond being healed Though sweet the sense of danger thus squeeze in clutch with Glee […]

The journey continues

I awaken with rejuvenation, ecstatic by my new life Upon contemplation beheld the fruits of one’s labour ripe Opulence flows by means sheer growth Committed to affluence as treasures unveiled surpassing limits thus demolished bars of steel By all means prevailed ignited a Pharaoh’s appeal Hearts weakened by the presence of alpha An aura emitted […]

The lack of it is the root of all evil because when you have enough you don’t have to steal

Marvellous, my money multiplied a millionfold Traces of pain vanquished as tears dried with faced deceased thus fully consoled, Splendor in its optimum as bestowed a Pharaoh’s privilege as one’s companions possessed a regal attitude Profound in knowledge attained from the highest as consciousnesses in entirety acquired ascent in altitude Infiltrated heaven throughout the celestial […]