Sad but still worth considering

I must admit there is a saying that constantly purturbs me especially in my native country Jamaica, whenever there is a report of an unfortunate fatality most notably in the case of murder it is stated that ” life has no value anymore”,
First and foremost i must mention that life is precious and despite facing innumerable challenges it still remains one of the Sweetest things;excluding having money in abundance and intercourse.
While it is understandable why some would make such a remark the fact of the matter is that Outlook is utter rubbish,
Why would i refer to their opinion in such a blatantly insolent manner?
While it is obvious that in today’s world people still die daily not to mention children being trafficked and forced to work under inhumane conditions,take into consideration humanity during previous eras such as periods preceding Renaissance,
The period of the reign of Atila the Hun formally known as the scourge of God, his main purpose in life was to demolish and conquer crushing anyone or anything standing in his path, surely during his expeditions his casualty count remained heart wrenchingly exorbitant and yet justice was never enforced for those whom met their demise,
Consider Genghis Khan the Mongolian war Lord whom pillaged nations, slaughtered it’s inhabitants and impregnated their women resulting in a flourishing bloodline stemmed from his seed residing up to this day,
There are many instances of people being killed on a grande scale throughout history and while unfortunate for them such is life because the persecuter eventually met their end whether naturally or through diverse circumstances but the fact of the matter is while still flawed in many ways at least modernized society has established a system where some if not most have a little bit more hope of receiving justice for the wrongs inflicted upon themselves and their loved ones,
Knowledge is power.

10 thoughts on “Sad but still worth considering

  1. Our social evolution was and continues to be a long struggle against the primitive instincts that placed our species at the top of and outside of the food chain. Our struggle now is to learn to control those instincts with reason, hence the importance of legal systems based on the principle of equality before the law. I agree with you, knowledge is power.


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