Experienced a story which captivates the heart An intense tale with tender narration this pure intent from passion imparts The odyssey derived from wealth’s accumulation The tension faded as sorrow evaded The tribes from which the merciless raided The shackles on ones wrist with diamond bracelets traded Along with affluence sustaining a legacy’s preservation A […]


The raindrops tap to the rhythm of palmeros A maestro’s prowess marvels the masses Eros beheld upon the feminine conceived captivation Ignited to degrees of molten acid, Her temper rages as observed volcanic fumes Though by tender touch her eruption cooled Authority at its finest submitted in passion As upon the surface a young king […]

Life purpose

The ambience emanates luxury as one’s energy ascends, radiating the depth of power which superseded a mortals end, An infinite clan in which invincibility attained Beheld the head cushioned on a stump of a rival feudal lord slain, Unmatched my divine kitana flawless though smudged, A figure trod spectators remain Remarkless as seen a mountain […]


From solitude to fellowship Superseded lacking with splendor By nature implored to seek companionship By means chants of praise for life’s bliss rendered The trees tease my temptations by the influence of the wind Treasures discovered by the dove’s melody uttered Deep within my ear an affluent vibratory’s ring Oh such serene sensation to behold […]


It began the day I knew I was rich Opulence poureth over to live on a high though regarded sober, The feminine swoon towards the Pharaoh’s chamber eager for one’s true weakness, For each stroke her fantasy fulfilled as to stand upon the drifting clouds Thunder cackles with the lacking of a sound The lion […]

Slowly but surely

Massacred mayhem by money’s manifestation Refined beauty spoken of in mythology Under the influence regarded pussy my philosophy One’s heart vibrates to the casting of her hips Propelled in a motion appealing as beheld her tender anatomy, Instinctual in disposition ridden of her zest to experience calamity Chiseled the walls of Cleopatra in which crumbled […]

A Leo’s Legacy

Oxygen with thy Majesty’s scent intertwined Dilated pupils as a fading moon Resonance immaculate as kindred forces combined in which experienced harmony as an instrument in tune The planets in alignment as the sun renders its message, beheld a dimensional passage, a mere mortal attained grandeur as the mass of Jupiter deemed massive In a […]

The journey continues

I awaken with rejuvenation, ecstatic by my new life Upon contemplation beheld the fruits of one’s labour ripe Opulence flows by means sheer growth Committed to affluence as treasures unveiled surpassing limits thus demolished bars of steel By all means prevailed ignited a Pharaoh’s appeal Hearts weakened by the presence of alpha An aura emitted […]

The lack of it is the root of all evil because when you have enough you don’t have to steal

Marvellous, my money multiplied a millionfold Traces of pain vanquished as tears dried with faced deceased thus fully consoled, Splendor in its optimum as bestowed a Pharaoh’s privilege as one’s companions possessed a regal attitude Profound in knowledge attained from the highest as consciousnesses in entirety acquired ascent in altitude Infiltrated heaven throughout the celestial […]


Salut moi ami, je suis riche And yet i remain humble Unhased by the praise awarded by my comrades As in solitude one’s ego inevitably crumbled The canyons venerate by means levitated By the elixir of prosperity duly inebriated Penetrated the clouds from which beheld a magnanimous rush as within a gaseous mountain beheld magma […]