Slowly but surely

Massacred mayhem by money’s manifestation
Refined beauty spoken of in mythology
Under the influence regarded pussy my philosophy
One’s heart vibrates to the casting of her hips
Propelled in a motion appealing as beheld her tender anatomy,
Instinctual in disposition ridden of her zest to experience calamity
Chiseled the walls of Cleopatra in which crumbled once sturdy,
Moans emitted in the dead of night , under the morning dew boiling sweat permeated early,
A lothario lurks engrossed in sheer gems
On account of a charm unmatched they swoon
In intercourse toxins of longing cleansed
In awe as made love upon the surface of the moon,
Her vessel a carving of the utmost refined
Upon the dermis of silk beheld an artistic depiction
Within her raw essence preserved an innocent smile
While basking in the glee of a devil’s addiction.

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