The lack of it is the root of all evil because when you have enough you don’t have to steal

Marvellous, my money multiplied a millionfold
Traces of pain vanquished as tears dried with faced deceased thus fully consoled,
Splendor in its optimum as bestowed a Pharaoh’s privilege as one’s companions possessed a regal attitude
Profound in knowledge attained from the highest as consciousnesses in entirety acquired ascent in altitude
Infiltrated heaven throughout the celestial I roam to perceive a reincarnated devil who among the angelic established a home.
Attired in gold as affluence roars as the enraged seas
A pummeled surface from diamonds thus relieved by prosperity’s ointment,
Though indulged in devious deeds as the Messiah deemed anointed, by all means shall contenders be crusified, untainted in spirit as devoid of circumcision within her flesh made an incision
Penetrated impeccably thus awarded worship as embraced ones true religion

These images are merely to inspire for even when in possession of abundance humility remains.

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