The raindrops tap to the rhythm of palmeros
A maestro’s prowess marvels the masses
Eros beheld upon the feminine conceived captivation
Ignited to degrees of molten acid,
Her temper rages as observed volcanic fumes
Though by tender touch her eruption cooled
Authority at its finest submitted in passion
As upon the surface a young king rules,
Riches plummet from the sky, upon impact beheld a diamond crater as sharpened senses remain intact,
Commended the act of one’s true savior,
Sheer felicity as throughout my aura affluence sought proximity,
On the pursuit as I stand
Incapable to fathom the depth of bounty as the shells hidden beneath the sand,
I celebrate in merriment as the corals dance
Floral aesthetics at which hummingbirds glance
Applauded victory sweet thus revelled as such towards the cosmos chants.

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