Truth we all yearn for but are too busy to seek

It is stated that life is a journey, due to the system set in place though this truth has been superceded with the concept of the rat race where most are programmed to believe that in order to move forward and ultimately make it in life one has to compete with others, while life is not easy as it is stated having to struggle at times to make ends meet; the reality is that life has more meaning than merely to just work hard day to day for several years in order to enjoy a comfortable life of freedom when you reach 65.
Consider Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden,it is believed that the beginning of human existence began from those two vessels in which life was depicted in it’s simplest form; eat, drink,mingle and replicate,
So at what point did life become so complex?
At what point did money become the revolving force that drives mankind?
Money is always if not usually the topic of discussion, with it one embraces a feeling of power, freedom and pride.
Without it one may tend to feel a manner of worthlessness, hopelessness and inferiority.
We are all born in diverse circumstances however the fact is we are all born equal as mortals,
The difference though depends on the background one is born in, namely a more affluent background almost absolutely assures better opportunities which in turn results in a better life for the future.
A question i tend to ask myself is why does it seem easier for some to thrive while others have to struggle and fight merely to survive?
It is said hard work is the key to success which i cannot deny and yet for some it seems so effortless one has to wonder if they are even working hard at all.
The truth is abundance is available to all but the mindset determines who and how they may claim.
Consider one who may be fortunate enough to win the lottery; some may utilize it well to maintain stability throughout their lives while others might win this sudden flow of wealth and in little to no time end up back in their previous position.
Mankind has managed to master many aspects of existence and yet time remains a factor which no human being can successfully control; time only moves forward which means time lost cannot be regained; time is precious and many state that time is money ultimately stating that money is precious.
People sell considerable amounts of their time for money so they can live and yet there are some who can live while using their time to do what they love,
One thing that perturbs me is that there are countries on the African continent rich in resources and yet the people suffer,
People suffer worldwide which is a sad reality and to be frank i yearn for an answer,
Perhaps one day i will find my answer and maybe i won’t because that’s just the way life is;but one thing I’m 100 % certain of is that as it relates to everything under the sun “time will tell”.

A maestro’s mind in ink

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