Beloved temptation

To fuck a goddess every mortals dream Awakened to the beauty of the celestial in the flesh, Skin as caramel with lips as the sap which seeps, With eyes sealed in ecstasy upon the mother of the stars sentience seen Improbable to believe as a lie in one’s presence For truth tenaciously seeked relieved to […]

Darkness soothes

A soothing stream flows thus satisfaction savoured by the abundance which grows Engrossed by the waves though submerged beneath deemed deep Thus a darkened soul glows as the sultry moon At a point uncertain when will I soar free Anxious though relieved as a divine message affirmed soon Born in grief though superseded with bliss […]

Mannings hill

Under the dark clouds The almighty reigns by the command of the rain The comfort of the dew transcends the scorching pain A force unfathomed A lion upon the clouds Plunged beneath the deep to mortals marvel undrowned Sounds scatter as fragments in the wind As a battered structure upon boulders pound To split within […]


Mi amor sprouted the bliss of a tulip Her smile resides from where the hens lay As a dolphin in the oceans amidst naval vessels cruising Patches of gold bruised thus woven strands of hay The storm resides hence drenched the land a deluge defied, evedaded Praise awarded by loving souls as nature’s tears within […]