Ethereal effervescence

I reminisce in solitude, not by choice but on account of fervent nostalgia,
A lothario guided in the path of his own demise
Filled with utter despondence by the absence of feminity epitomized.
The image of grace remains lucid as I envision the northern lights beheld in her eyes, gleaming with the radiance of Aphrodite’s saccharine kiss,
Afflicted with cold sweat impelled by such succulent lips.
Nimbus clouds diminish by evaporation induced as our vessels emanate solar energy, exhibiting the ethereal and divine in synchronicity with her blissful tears,
Our bodies quake with jolts intensified as I escavate the fissure affixed within the epicenter,
Sensations evoked by sheer splendor, while my manhood ameliorates her cotton sheathed allure from the ravages of fear.
The aroma of concupiscence is ventilated, stimulating our nostrils with the scent of lavender,
Honey is spurted from her mammary, appealing to my taste buds
Satisfaction in accord with a boulder within, incapable of being budged,
As I thrust rhythmically magma oozes inducing screeches of submission,
Mortified I remain as I embrace being held victim to the captivity of effervescent’s natural incision.

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