A sexy Contemplation

Man’s most formidable weakness,
We must agree that each and every individual is unique on account of their differences but undoubtedly can agree on one similarity most if not all of us share as men
“Our natural submission towards the appeal of pussy”
Why is this so?
It must have been hardwired into our brains thus it’s not a bad thing,
But consider; man’s desire for the female genitalia is so significant and overwhelming to the point where the prostitution industry continues to thrive.
Take into consideration the fact that while there are some males who are indeed workers within this industry (which i will not get into for the love of women)
It is an obvious fact that customer’s within this industry mostly consist of horny men.
If you look at it men are the ones who go out seeking such gratification while the females await with the expectation of receiving monetary compensation for the brief utilization of their God given or sometimes medically modified anatomy.
Sex is an amazing activity regarded as an incredible means of stress relief, a dopamine inducer as well as a means of burning calories,
Both parties when indulging enjoy it and yet it seems women can make use of this activity to their own advantage,
By advantage i mean a woman with good pussy somehow mesmerizes a man leaving him emotionally ambivalent sometimes totally infatuated in which he may go to lengths unexpected so as to maintain the favor of the woman in layman’s terms pussy whipped “not specifically speaking about mutual exchange” but in regards to personal relationships as well.
I will not be biased because there are truly sincere women who refuse to manipulate a man despite of her capability to do so by the use of her sex appeal and it is fair to say there are some women who are actually in the same situation as some men in said regard, though this is usually a scenario gifted to men with an exceptional sexual prowess,
But in all said we all have our gender advantages and disadvantages and as a man who loves and appreciates the weaker vessel with a passion this is one apparent disadvantage i can live with.

Women inspire me in many ways as they should all men; for females are gods treasure granted onto mankind,
Below you will notice a link to an anthology inspired by and dedicated to the beloved female:A maestro’s mind in ink

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