The ramblings of a pessimistic optimist

Life is fucked up,
Imagine living in a world where you’re more likely to be judged than to be acknowledged
Despised rather than be admired
We have no control over the circumstances we were born in but it’s our responsibility to make the best of it and yet our life experiences mould us from the inside out
Imagine being given a bad hand of cards in life
Grown in the struggle where you were raised in a way in which you can’t tell the difference between love and hate
Fucked up in disposition where the scars can be withstood but remains with you until the day you die,
Destined for destruction but with the hope of shaping your own destiny pursued a positive path as you have no other choice but to try
Accustomed to pain where to be relieved brings inner discomfort and despite putting the best foot forward and attempting to do the right your errs are brought into the spotlight,
No one understands, well only a small few who bore a similar pain,
Which is why i question life as when your doing alright you remain a magnet until life takes a turn for the worst then you’re abandoned by those whom you’d least expect to turn their backs,
Life is fucked up considering those despised by society for their gruesome acts perhaps were once victims themselves,
Life is unfair and that’s a fact the good still suffer the bad lacks empathy money runs the world on account of a system which made it that way, to live is expensive,rent is exorbitant and yet it’s easy to become homeless,
Slaving away day after day trying to survive when we were meant to thrive
Shown no appreciation from those in your life but commemorated with kind words when you’re gone,
Do a million good deeds but scoffed at for one bad,
We are all one we are all human but we lack true understanding of each other but such is life and with a pure and authentic heart i can say with zero remorse i hate mankind for not understanding but i love also because we’re all only human.

2 thoughts on “The ramblings of a pessimistic optimist

  1. It is true that this is a broken world. But there are those who can and do love others. You seem to be one. As a Christian, I see things from a different perspective. Scripture teaches that those who suffer for what is right are blessed. Christ, Himself, suffered for our sins. May He give you hope. ❤


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