Intimacy beyond sex

The most unexplainable experience
Mingling in private with a mortal goddess
Curves resembling an hour glass
With lips succulent to the eyes and perfect for suction
To how passion has ignited to cool down with a simple douse of water would induce steam and yet
I beheld something more than a mere  figure with a bosom firm enough to marvel at on top of a trophy shelf
I saw through more than the moist pink flesh incised within her epicenter where many yearn to place their flagpoles as if the first upon a galactic escapade to an uninhabited planet
My prowess evokes quivers throughout the loins of the feminine leaving damsels weak in the knees
Meanwhile; her effervescence could inspire the queerest of neanderthols to reconsider life stirring desire as prey attracted to the luring bioluminiscence of the angler in pitch black darkness.
What a metamorphic revolution beyond the physical and dwelling more towards the spiritual realm where intellects intertwine and produce masterpieces similar to the finest concoctions of the renowned picasso.
Her very essence appeals to my complex masculinity, her womanhood is a compliment to the rawest of mother nature’s divine beauties; burning sensations evoked throughout my very core as i am awarded the priveledge of providing multiple orgasms within her mind over and over again until her pleads for me to stop becomes applauds of wholehearted submission.
So delicate is her sensitive pride to which i stroke as a kitten whom sat in my lap yearning to be pampered by the hands of a gladiator.
She caresses my ego to the point of humbly embracing such grandeur; a petite little princess whom represents something larger than life, larger than the cosmos and even larger than love.

A maestro’s mind in ink

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