Greater than you think

Have you ever heard the statement “if you have enemies or people that hate you that means your’e doing something right” ?
How agreeable is this remark, if people hate you that should mean you may be a person of low morals or worthless character right?
Wrong, when took into contemplation it is an obvious fact that we all have people we are fond of and some whom our spirits just don’t flow with or connect to; vice versa as a child growing up it was a common thing to hear that not everyone is going to like us.
If someone doesn’t like us should we always blame ourselves?
Not entirely, look at persons in history for example Mahatma gandi: a world renowned figure acknowledged for contributions in society revolving around love,peace and especially abstaining from the use of violence; in otherwords a peace promoter who was unfortunately executed at point blank range.
That’s just one of many examples but the big question is how can such lovable people meet such tragic ends?
Look at it this way;what does someone have to do to cause themself to become a victim of bullying, an abrupt and straightforward answer is nothing.
There are times when a person may see us and despise us for no apparent reason and while some may blame themself and wonder where they faltered it is better to accept the fact that a person may dislike anyone on account of their own insecurities.
To be frank a person may dislike even hate another individual due to the fact that they may even envy that person, can you imagine?
One thing we should all be aware of is that this cruel reality doesn’t just apply to strangers but can occur among: colleagues,childhood friends,blood relatives and even romantic companions; some may even try to intentionally sabotage us and try to hold us back in life in any way,shape or form possible within their capabilities.
It is sad to see that a person would go to the utmost lenghts to display their unjust despise for someone when that same energy could be channeled towards self improvement and development, which is why when someone doesn’t like us for no apparent reason before we cast the blame on ourselves we should consider; maybe that person sees something in us they wish they had but never will.

A maestro’s mind in ink

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