Forgive me for speaking truth

There’s alot of hatred in this world
All this division to the point where i have to wonder if humankind was literally destined to be fucked.
We’re living in 2022 where the mindset of many have gotten more unusual,
I won’t be a hypocrite so as to adulate the earlier millenia when i infact didn’t experience it first hand other than the tales i have heard about the traditional roles which existed ranging from the early nineties onwards; but who can claim perfection when in truth the first world war occured in 1912 plus not to mention innumerable tragedies before even that such as slavery not just throughout the affliction of africans but from far back as the reign of egyptian pharoahs.
If you ask me mankind’s nature is always was and always will be a combination of good vs evil, the strong overpowering the weak, divisions caused from; political differences, religious beliefs, race and even gender.
Its so sad to see that in society’s modern day and age there exist a gender war where male and female exude a manner of hatred towards each other to the point where a movement has been established where many have lost genuine appreciation for each other.
There are so many negative aspects to life but if we were to all dwell on the bad then depression would be more rampant worldwide so for the sake of maintaining a manner of sanity our main option is to continue to exercise optimism as mankind has never been perfect so naturally it never will; but the difference is being able to cope with this dreaded reality and look for the silver lining amist the dark clouds.

A maestro’s mind in ink

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