A good question to ask is what is fear?
Is it something that was taught?
Or is fear something that was instinctually hardwired into us.
In my opinion fear is something internal which can be both non-sensical as well as a form of protection.
Look at it this way human beings vary from gender to gender, environment to environment and personality so to speak; but what causes some to be braver than others?
How do persons react to their fear differently, for example: a trained soldier would march on the battlefield which is a life threatening scenario and yet supress all feelings of fear when in fact many individuals biggest fear is death.
Why is that so?
Simply put humans fear the uncertain: for where there is little known;there is little control, and yet while the fear of death is understandable many have overcame and come to terms with such a reality for it is inevitable.
There are some who tremble by the sight of high heights mean while there are persons who love skydiving and mountain climbing,
For some reason many persons are petrified by seemingly harmless insects such as roaches and even rodents, why is this so?
How can someone be frightened by something harmless which in turn would be afraid of the individual themselves?
To be frank i believe fear is a concept which aligns with common sense namely; dont go into a lions cage unless you intentionally intend to become a wild beast’s meal, otherwise fear may stem from a persons nature whether timid or soft which can be a defence mechanism depending on the situation, however to live in fear is to live with limits upon one’s self and why would one set one’s self back when we all have an opportunity to become limitless.

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