A king isnt born he is made

What it means to be a king; it doesnt necessarily mean one has to be ruler over a domain, sit on a throne or have a crown.   
To be a king in modern times refers to mindset, character as well as to possess qualities which exhibits value within a man.                                                                   Hardwired in man from nature is the desire to attract a compatible as well as a complimentary female; one who isnt just beautiful in physical appearance but also beautiful in mind and in spirit.                          
To encounter a woman of value is like to inhale an unpolluted dose of oxygen early after an amazing nights sleep while the sweet scented  flowers are still moist from the morning dew.                                                          
A woman who is an asset brings out the best in a man, inspires him and motivates him to ascend beyond what he thought of himself capable to do and be.                             
While it is an evidant fact that many yearn to find that complimentary woman; the fact of the matter is are you a man worth   complimenting?                                   
To be able to attract quality women a man must ensure he is quality himself; a woman wants to be safe thus she has to be protected; how can a man protect his woman and eventually his offspring if he isnt  strong?                                           
A woman desires a man she can genuinely respect, but before a man is respected by others he first has to respect himself.                
A man has to remain true to himself for the first step to self development is accepting ones’s flaws so as to strive to be the best version of himself: for when a man is able to conquer himself; he is able to conquer anything.


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