There are things in life that we often have to take time out with effort in order to earn: loyalty, trust, respect ?
These are things that take time to obtain but can be lost in an instant.
Imagine being in a commited relationship for over a decade with a bond thats derived from having personal faith and belief in an individual, and to have that shattered in one day from one experience occured at the wrong time.
In life these are regular aspects of life, some people face constant betrayal in their life which obviously can lead to trust issues.
Its kind of hard to consider that many people aren’t genuine and the ones who are tend to get taken for granted.
Toxicity never ends as this cycle is just a natural situation in life; understandably no one can be perfect, just as how there are kindhearted people who are genuinely concerned about the well being of others; there will also always be persons who care only about their own gain or avantage.
The difference in how it affects us depends on how well wer’e able to accept this reality.
We all have feelings and its hard to constantly forgive someone who causes hurt in any way or form but what can we do more than to continue living our lives and to strive for the best, after all at the end of the day being able to live and learn and remaining happy even when disappointed stems from self love.


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