Ones heart hardened as the walls ensnaring my fellow fiends
Black with grime beheld a moonless sky
Destined by insolence fools shall meet ones end
As a lamb contented a leopard surely shall die
A lion calm in countenance though with fury struck in a glimpse
By the throat vessels struck carcasses stink thus vultures fly
Pungent with fear the so called brave by nature stenched
weaklings provoked a predator the lust for vengeance within my eyes
War evoked my divine calling
As Attila revered the scourge of God
A warrior by blood contenders hopeless bound to cry
Disaster strikes my barricades as in the darkness I trod
Corrupt violent violence an inevitable reaction
Flee if you must your puny soul I will find
Enjoy your final moments as once conceived back to the dust
Motionless  limbs crippled sight impaired as if struck blind
Words meaningless against a viper ones life chord severed by a bluff
The strong prevail my foes must weep pronounced a deviant’s child.

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