To live as a predator of souls
Torment attained from hands of grimness stained
From a tender age youths innocent aura has been slain
Tarnished trashed beheaded
Now there exists the reaper
Blamed for many deceased
One who smiles at cruelty nonchalant in nature
As the Minotaur of myth
Feared an unlovable beast
Oh so corrupt a mortal murdered his humanity
And somehow blesssed as still I thrive
A corpse adulated bereaved in empathy
Though exuding the vigor of life
The truth is a sad reality
The humble suffer the feint fade away
Many lost in breathless slumber
While few are thankful for being awake
To become a victim is easy
Though the afflictor shall be stoned
Immortalized are the vicious tyrants
The weak gifted abrupt sympathy
Their wails in unison as a symphony
Screeches as hatchlings
Ones life force leaks left speechless
Each spirit a memento
Destruction the act of power
Paths flattened nature fruitless
The powerless words ascribed a grave
While the destroyer acquired praise.

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