Truth we all yearn for but are too busy to seek

It is stated that life is a journey, due to the system set in place though this truth has been superceded with the concept of the rat race where most are programmed to believe that in order to move forward and ultimately make it in life one has to compete with others, while life is […]

The lack of it is the root of all evil because when you have enough you don’t have to steal

Marvellous, my money multiplied a millionfold Traces of pain vanquished as tears dried with faced deceased thus fully consoled, Splendor in its optimum as bestowed a Pharaoh’s privilege as one’s companions possessed a regal attitude Profound in knowledge attained from the highest as consciousnesses in entirety acquired ascent in altitude Infiltrated heaven throughout the celestial […]

It’s just energy

Money flows effortlessly In thoughts of splendor drift The waves pulsate initiating quakes Induced an affluent bliss The heart deemed clean as an orb untainted Upon the surface embraced a dream Thus among life’s afflictions unshaken Elevated in consciousness as if by the elixir of the cosmos inebriated Rumination invoked by a phase sedated By […]