Mannings hill

Under the dark clouds

The almighty reigns by the command of the rain
The comfort of the dew transcends the scorching pain
A force unfathomed
A lion upon the clouds
Plunged beneath the deep to mortals marvel undrowned
Sounds scatter as fragments in the wind
As a battered structure upon boulders pound
To split within the absolute center
Demolished death on it’s burial ground
The earth shall open revealing the deceased
Rejoicing superseded the vessels which mourn
Amused by the sight beheld deviants weep
Though by nature attained strength from the storm
Ravaged domain by the quakes infiltration
Guided to a sanctuary by the imperials star
Celebratory toasts unjust though revelled inebriation
Intestines massaged with substenance as stomachs filled upon flesh chewed
Ghandi’s purpose defied as born to wage war
Divided the wolves from the sheep thus a ferocious fighting force renewed
The saints submit thus shall kiss the tar
a devil in the flesh beyond one’s disposition to cry truce
As a nomad unsettled whose distance traversed far
Established a legacy for which the heavens dare not refuse
Reflective relentless an inferior reality rejected
Hornets within the queen bees hive infested
With a restless demeanor relished a rebels neglect
Negligence negated thus illumination manifested
The outcome inevitably introduced to one lacking in regret
Thus comradeship among the divine accepted.

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