Crying Child Monument

This monument was constructed to commemorate the children in Jamaica who’s lives have been cut short due to vile, callous individuals who in truth deserve to be eliminated from the face of this Earth,
It began on September 2008 when eleven year old Ananda Dean was abducted and subsequently slaughtered leaving the nation in a shock as the search for this missing girl remained televised up to the point where her body was finally discovered,
Surely while heartbroken many of us wouldn’t fully be able to comprehend the emptiness and grief experienced by her parents, siblings and immediate loved ones.
While nationally renowned it is also a fact that she is merely one of many children who have lost their lives on account of forces lacking empathy, compassion and values; as of 2016 the monument has officially ran out of space covered with the names of children who met their demise by the hands of the sinister,
The crime rate remains rampant in jamaica however this is a worldwide predicament from which we are all afflicted.

7 thoughts on “Crying Child Monument

  1. Hi, Brandon. It is with both with interest and great sadness that I have read your post regarding the ‘Crying Child Monument’. It has inspired me to start writing a poem. However before I can go further with it could you tell me, if you are able, what the memorial is made of. Is it stone or bronze? Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day. Goff

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      1. Hi, Brandon. Happy Tuesday. Thanks for your speedy reply. No problem. I have looked at the image you posted and researched topic and read media reports for the information. Sadly as yet no result. On reflection it appears to be marble. Will continue to research for the moment. Hope to post the poem soon. Have a wonderful day. Goff.

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