Lifeless lies a pitiful fool
Strength proven now ones vigor weakened
As the frigid abode of mortals utterly cruel
A once vigorous rival deemed deceased
Motionless not a word to utter
Grasping to take ones final breath
To my amusement beheld a mighty adversary mutter
Baffling as ones vitals drain empty
The excruciation experienced endless
Beheld ones head tilted backwards
The damage inflicted cannot be mended
Eyes battle to remain open
Calmly a surrendered soul departs
Clung to hope futile one fights
Seizures ripple throughout the heart
Arrived the grim reaper in sight
A sudden demise attained abrupt
Brute in demeanor and yet so fragile
Organs fail veins contract
Ones vessel once fierce with warmth  felt cold
Pulsations no longer intact
Accept your fate and die in peace
Predicted to roam amidst ferocious flames
torment shall afflict a spirit pugnacious
For eternity one shall burn though for
Ones state I hold blame.

3 thoughts on “Victimized

  1. Searing, but lovely, words. 🖤
    I hope to die in peace, and that peace to continue beyond in whatever form—or not form—it takes. Life has not held much peace for me.


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