In today’s world we live within a society
where many dream often to their own disappointment.
Is it disappointing to have a dream? Absolutely not, however the dissatisfying aspect is when we allow our dreams to die.
There are many persons who have abandoned their dreams and passions on account of the saying; passion won’t pay
the bills, put food on the table or buy your
significant other that diamond encrusted
wedding ring;it’s almost as if to aspire to
live a life based on your own terms doing
exactly what you love is a mere fantasy
and as such should wake up and realise
that’s not exactly how life works.
To be frank such a perception couldn’t be
further from the truth.
While we are all unique and have our individual desires, circumstances and goals
there is one thing most if not all human
beings have in common; we aspire to obtain our own definition of happiness, success and comfort.
Throughout the initial stages of my journey called life the path has been far from clear, while my comrades trodded on their
path knowing exactly what they wanted
out of life I remained uncertain, with little support and guidance I felt lost to the
world travelling through a maze with no
means of escaping the trap regarded a
dismal future yearning to determine my
purpose, my reason for living; feeling like
an utter failure who has lost his way from
the moment of conception.
While I endeavour not to exude too much
sentiment it is safe to say that I am not the
only one who has felt this way, clueless as
to what one should do with their life.
While it is acclaimed that it is perfectly
fine to try several different things until
one discovers what suits them; it is reasonable to say that we all wish we could
uncover our true calling from early so as
to avoid the additional perhaps even unnecessary exertion, but we live we learn.
Some have discovered their true calling
from a tender age; as Mozart who scribbled concertos on the floor with chalk as a mere infant, however not all of us can be child prodigy’s and musical geniuses can we?
Despite facing that reality there is one
thing which is evident; we all possess a
All it takes is for us to analyze ourselves
from deep within, figure out who we truly are, it was a long and rugged road but I
have finally discovered my true calling.
I have realised what I was born to do;
great, but now the big question is how do
I survive doing what I love? Better yet how
do I thrive from it?
While it is not an easy road true success stems from two things; believing in
oneself and taking the necessary actions
geared from that belief,
At the end of the day we only live once so
we truly have to ensure that we live it to
our utmost delight because once we venture unto the afterlife there is no redoing
or re-trials; and as such to each his own in
regards to the life one chooses to live but
my sincerest recommendation to anyone
is that you live the life you love filled with
pleasant experiences, joy and passion.


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