Elation within my heart stems from aspects of the sombre,
My rationality remains fully intact and yet ascends throughout the cosmos my mind wonders.
Lost in rumination and yet this state is the catalyst for profound discoveries,
Facets of the sublime and esoteric are unveiled, by the inspirational awe evoked on account of the humbling grace of the universe, one is left tantalized when contemplative upon the allure of the seas, the impact impelled upon the tides by means of the full moon.
One is left pondered as to the purpose of gravity when their soul yearns to soar,
Within my life force I implore for the concepts of the metaphysical to be revealed so as to experienced a divine epiphany, while such endeavors are evaded by means of the insistent pangs of a pre orchestrated regime, the will to deviate and pursue what is regarded as unfathomable teems,
By solace evoked in accord with the unperceived I embrace insurmountable glee through the phase arisen in which by the ethereal forces enlightenment is deemed.

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