Darkness soothes

A soothing stream flows thus satisfaction savoured by the abundance which grows
Engrossed by the waves though submerged beneath deemed deep
Thus a darkened soul glows as the sultry moon
At a point uncertain when will I soar free
Anxious though relieved as a divine message affirmed soon
Born in grief though superseded with bliss
Thus a god in the flesh with the horns as proof
As towards the celestial conjoined concocted a conscious shift
Ripples in time manipulated space replaced limitations as in new dimensions drift
Undivided attention from the darkness retention
Thus dived from a cliff within the oceans of Hades
Conquered the domain in which made my own
The underworld my vessel for a predatory king
The demons offered praise as the reaper reigns
A soul stained smeared with the soul’s of the unfortunate
With affluence claimed thus slain the Almighty’s subordinates
Callousness at it’s finest though fervent with emotions
Demolished structures weeping impelled by forces of erosion
Powerful, powdered the sky with black death though exhaled life
Exuded that which mortals failed to fathom
From the mere atom evoked the abysmal
A blessed smile exhibited in Truth though vehemently vile
Unjust is this world to come to terms a great epiphany
Thus abided in the premise of heaven promised despite regarded the devil’s child.

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