Its incredible, from null manifested sheer beauty impeccable Accessed her secret chambers for which evoked intensified decibels, Midnight moans as an apparition at night for which her tender spirit roams Observed as Pluto ignited in flames a phenomenon to behold As a glacier preserving a fervid soul Lips as flora depicted golden petals under starlit […]

Sheer beauty

Her skin glows with the arousal of secreted amour The strongest of passions infatuated with lust Bestowed Almighty’s good fortune as figments of rancor bite the dust, Degradation defied dubious beyond deceit in which within ones own life force initiated trust, Teardrops of gold a precious metal eluded rust As invaders deemed most unwelcome resulted […]

Truth we all yearn for but are too busy to seek

It is stated that life is a journey, due to the system set in place though this truth has been superceded with the concept of the rat race where most are programmed to believe that in order to move forward and ultimately make it in life one has to compete with others, while life is […]


The raindrops tap to the rhythm of palmeros A maestro’s prowess marvels the masses Eros beheld upon the feminine conceived captivation Ignited to degrees of molten acid, Her temper rages as observed volcanic fumes Though by tender touch her eruption cooled Authority at its finest submitted in passion As upon the surface a young king […]

Life purpose

The ambience emanates luxury as one’s energy ascends, radiating the depth of power which superseded a mortals end, An infinite clan in which invincibility attained Beheld the head cushioned on a stump of a rival feudal lord slain, Unmatched my divine kitana flawless though smudged, A figure trod spectators remain Remarkless as seen a mountain […]


From solitude to fellowship Superseded lacking with splendor By nature implored to seek companionship By means chants of praise for life’s bliss rendered The trees tease my temptations by the influence of the wind Treasures discovered by the dove’s melody uttered Deep within my ear an affluent vibratory’s ring Oh such serene sensation to behold […]


It began the day I knew I was rich Opulence poureth over to live on a high though regarded sober, The feminine swoon towards the Pharaoh’s chamber eager for one’s true weakness, For each stroke her fantasy fulfilled as to stand upon the drifting clouds Thunder cackles with the lacking of a sound The lion […]