The lack of it is the root of all evil because when you have enough you don’t have to steal

Marvellous, my money multiplied a millionfold Traces of pain vanquished as tears dried with faced deceased thus fully consoled, Splendor in its optimum as bestowed a Pharaoh’s privilege as one’s companions possessed a regal attitude Profound in knowledge attained from the highest as consciousnesses in entirety acquired ascent in altitude Infiltrated heaven throughout the celestial […]


Salut moi ami, je suis riche And yet i remain humble Unhased by the praise awarded by my comrades As in solitude one’s ego inevitably crumbled The canyons venerate by means levitated By the elixir of prosperity duly inebriated Penetrated the clouds from which beheld a magnanimous rush as within a gaseous mountain beheld magma […]

Sensually sedated

To indulge with the weaker vessel one’s utmost pleasure A delight upon escavation to behold hidden treasures Her breasts so succulent as a peach from its tip Void of slumber thus experiencing Midnight’s bliss Her genitalia a gift of which I duly accept With lips as strawberries So sweet and seductive Upon beauty so surreal […]

A sexy Contemplation

Man’s most formidable weakness, We must agree that each and every individual is unique on account of their differences but undoubtedly can agree on one similarity most if not all of us share as men “Our natural submission towards the appeal of pussy” Why is this so? It must have been hardwired into our brains […]


The maestro meditates as his magnum opus manifests His soul reflects the story of a diamond As a demon awarded angelic wings but remained in descent by the appeal of sin Darkness ensues for which gems shine bright as corals which glows throughout the densest of seas For which lions utter chants regarded a royal […]