Some call it luck,others call it fortune or is it just  karma?
Throughout my existence on this earth there’ve always been certain phenomenon which i have acknowledged; many based on a factual nature while others seemingly more esoteric or unexplainable for that matter.
I’ve been in many situations where i ponder to myself as to how legitimate is this concept of luck; some people seem more blessed and more fortunate than others; but is it a mere coincidence or is there more to it than what many can fathom.
Lets dive into this so called existence of luck: two persons gambling at a table one is bound to lose thus enabling the other to gain, obviously the winner is more fortunate but the question is was one more competent than the other?
Was it a 50/50 chance similarly in games such as roulette or other games derived from gambling?
Why do some people win so much while others are the total opposite?
It is a known fact that thousands up to millions of people buy the lottery with hopes of hitting the jackpot; but imagine only one out of every few million people actually obtain this stroke of good fortune.
What is the driving force behind someones fortune ?
How can i become luckier?
Imagine two separate individuals  unfortunately encountered into a serious accident; the only difference is one may end up in a critical or even fatal situation meanwhile another person may end up scratch free, evidently anyone would prefer to avoid all misfortunes all together but with the outcomes being totally different we can obviously know who had good fortune on their side.
There are many diverse beliefs stemmed throughout human civilization; many derived from deep superstition however to each his own in that regard.
We all seek answers to some of these perplexing aspects of life however all we can do is continue to seek until whatever ponders us may be revealed thus to quench our curiosity.

A maestro’s mind in ink

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