Say no to violence against children, women and each other

Designed to destroy,the device of death
Deadly within the palms though dormant when concealed
It’s creators beheld exuded regret
For moulding a toy towards which murderers appeal
To flee the ground a natural reaction
As a damaged soul ascended above beyond being healed
Though sweet the sense of danger thus squeeze in clutch with Glee
Emotions null thus relished it’s use without feel
The variety awe evoking
From the revolving chamber gripped
To the automatic
To release it’s full potential tragic for the recipient
Piercing the skin as crocodiles teeth
Though the wielder with affliction holds the same fate
Thus if fortune fades shall face defeat
It’s cries break the barrier of sound
Thus driven fear though i hold no fear
With the ejection of rounds does spectators disappear
Unclear when silenced an aspect of the cunning
Stunning it’s beauty chromed sparkling as a diamond
By saints this tool attained utter rejection
To eradicate one’s foes thus my friend serves its purpose
Though ultimately valued for the sake of protection.

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