Courteous confessions of a callous scoundrel whom concocted calamity upon his prey
The sun cries by it’s radiant shine molten pellets plummet thus mortals scatter as petals at play
The sinister rejoice by a reality unphased where innocence meets it’s end thus left beneath the earth to decay
Tears are a waste as frozen upon one’s lashes
Taciturn in disposition as lacking a remark to make
Death dealers regarded as putrid creatures
As a dove the life force of the Almighty’s children cut from it’s vessel drifted gently away
Torment experienced as the pure terrorized , tortured karma as the larynx upon the pitiful slit
Lustful for one’s fellow man’s sorrow
To pursue on the prowl to petrify with fear craved
Hope diminished by the sight of the grim reaper as assured of a state beyond being saved
A waste of faith to rise against the scourge of God
As once molded now declared to return amongst the clay

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