Unperceived to witness the truly rugged groan
As her vessel affixed firmly on my appendage as a pendulum
Infatuation breached the unforseen dimensions
Thus maintaining the spacetime continuum
So silly from pressure immense impelled to flee
Thus grasped her hips legs locked tight upon my fortress
To remain by her own will though by apathy’s keepsake regarded free
Spell bounded by her appeal as if intimately mingled with a sorceress
To protest my affection as her passion undeserved
Absurd to defy what the Almighty has moulded
Immaculate within as for my vessel preserved
My utmost desire expelled my cells thus her abdomen swollen
So refined by natures course accentuated curves
In the orchestration of fervent art thus her melodies arisen in treble
Angelic in nature within her womb sustained a relic
Beheld the boundaries between heaven and Gehenna shifted as impregnated by the devil.

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