Montego Bay

The servants of an unjust nation ensnared thus descendants born in bondage
To the fearless whom contended awarded sheer homage
Bones broken organs punctured
Conceived in the wilderness thus born homeless
Relinquished torture with a will as the shell of a tortoise
Cries of sufferation projected
As the epitome of pain withstood
The tears as mirrors of a battered soul reflected
A sheep with wool as coal
Dark in disposition as throughout one’s life rejected
Burning within, flames as a volcanic destruction
Relished the state of hatred though to harness it’s nemesis intended
Life ascended accentuating a celestial hold
Though by nature the reaper of souls befriended
Expelled useless chatter
Thus attained a contemplation far from being fathomed
Perceived the true state of matter
The earth containing limitless vessels
Thus fears, misconceptions and doubts forever shattered.

One thought on “Montego Bay

  1. As a young United States Marine in 1963 I visited Montego Bay. It was beautiful, a bit sad, fascinating. I have good memories of being there.


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