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There comes a time in a person’s life where they’re absolutely fed up with its difficulties and yet while in a state of hopelessness one can’t help but to acknowledge the fact that life is still a beautiful fucking thing.
When one considers the very essence that being alive emanates, even when under profound afflictions or hardship a smile is inevitable, for instance a storm ensued upon a barren land in which the destitute inhabitants are burdened with the unfortunate state of living in lack and yet here comes a reprisal of nature’s rage which in turn has maximized an already severe situation, but survival is key even when lacking in refuge we always find a way to withstand so as to behold another day and as soon as the storm subsides there beheld an emblem of prosperity in other words a rainbow.
The rainbow, an alluring symbol of hope, hope the sister of dismay which when intertwined exemplifies the ultimate aspect of balance.
Though it is undeniable that we all desire to live in total contentment void of struggles and inconveniences at the end of the day what meaning would there be to the splendor we enjoy, what is the point of victory if there was no challenge to overcome, Battle to fight or contender to conquer?
The value placed on one’s achievements are derived from the effort it took to beat the odds and overcome the difficulties affixed to attainment.
In previous eras of humanities past dominion was heredity for some but for others a king was regarded as the most exemplary warrior, befitting to lead an army in which their nation would be brought to sheer glory.
A warriors pride and joy, to be glorified not for his raw military prowess or his capability to lead but by the depiction of a strong will along with traits which encourage the people to strive for greatness, a disposition which inspires his men to remain steadfast, unphased even when outnumbered a hundred to one.
Imagine for a moment erected on a battlefield spear and shield in hand, before you stationed a legion as numerous as the leaves which reside on a tree, but by your side ensembled loyal comrades who would offer his life without hesitation so as to preserve yours, adrenaline pumping throughout your veins as war chants are uttered in preparation for an exhilarating brawl,
A force as great as the Persian Empire and yet the only contemplation is to establish autumn among mortals.
The true mark of the resilient stems from the odds, traversing the oceans while maneuvering whirlpools, rambling the jagged terrains which are deemed most unhospitable.
Take into perspective the models of many of the world’s most wealthiest people, known for their lavish lifestyles ranging from private jets to collections of renaissance art worth millions,
Such individuals would evoke envy among their less successful counterparts and yet if these people were to take a brief look into the history of these said magnates, prior to the power and influence they would be shocked to realize that they themselves were at a point in their lives hopeless or more suitably victims of destitution.
The insistent accusation of those who envy is luck, they were lucky and nothing else but that couldn’t be further from the truth, what is luck? “an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that leads to a favorable outcome”, at what point in life is wealth unpredictable?
This very aspect leads back to the statement of a warriors will, they’re no luckier than the man who sweeps the street nor the woman who relies on abrupt liaison’s just to survive, they were just more resilient and determined to transcend their current circumstances.

What does it feel like to be regarded a legend?
As a matter of fact who or what is a legend? As exalted as this term may be a legend is merely an extraordinary human being who believed in himself, this strong self belief resulted in a manner of success which had an impact not only on the individual’s immediate association but on the world.
Is the desire to be legendary far fetched? Does everyone has what it takes to be classified a legend? That in itself cannot be answered as the answer lies within each one of us individually, the value that we place on ourselves is the value that will be manifested before our very eyes through consistent effort to acquire what we truly want in life, once made aware of our capabilities we no longer limit ourselves and ones circumstances which at a point was a stumbling block to success has become a drive inducing force propelling you towards the best version of you.
Motivational speeches were constructed for that particular reason, to instill hope within those brave enough to seek it, duly acknowledged is the fact that many have been born in unprivileged circumstances some more severe than others, which constructed our perceptions of the world.
Just as you teach a child the alphabet the repetition of that particular aspect of life fed to you eventually becomes ascribed in your mind almost as if you become a vessel of that external influence, in turn projecting your thoughts and beliefs around you, influence is the key which moves mankind and preserves the rotation of the earth.
As children growing up most if not all of us had a figure or a model who We looked up to, wanted to be like and attempted to emulate and incorporated there characteristics as if they were your own, ranging from political heroes to musicians.
Music plays a role in our line of thinking, it exhibits messages and evokes emotions which in turn can affect our actions, imagine listening to gospel music on a regular basis eventually one may began to act in accordance with its messages, just as listening to soothing music especially when in a fit of rage it’s comforting feel induces a calm which over a period of time could result in a more composed disposition,
Consider a monk or practitioners within the monastery, each has a different ritual which caters to their own means of meditative bliss. Whether it be yogic taichi or tantric chants.
Knowledge is a force which accommodates greatness, appropriate knowledge put to action impacts the world, just as a boy who is enthused by auto magazines in time he may begin to desire what he sees and trod on a course which will allow him the opportunity to fulfill these desires whether it means to pursue mechanics, establish a car dealership or even a race car driver, that is his drive and as he gradually matures the impact of his experiences gradually shift towards a more cognizant state as survival and other aspects come into play.
Besides external factors and experiences there is one particular thing which may affect us and lead as an inhibitor to rising above our circumstances, fear.
Fear is a feeling of utter regress in which one is unable to move forward at a promising pace on account of being incapable of accepting the expected changes which will have to be embraced.
What is seen before the eyes is accepted and what is yet to be understood remains a fear met with resistance or disdain.
The acceptance of fear is the first step to conquering it, this concept is derived from the kindling of strength as the strong are ones who throughout history had to contend with strenuous circumstances and boulder weighted afflictions most notably the armies of previous empires, while engaging in combat collectively one had to consider that emotional individuality was another aspect which would determine if victory would be attained or if they would meet their demise, once on the battlefield soldiers would cast away all figments of fear, and lunge toward the enemy as if they have nothing to lose but their very lives.
When one begins a journey or trods on a path, it is advised to continue Trodding until the starting point can no longer be recalled, this message depicts the philosophy that once one moves forward it’s improbable to look back at what was left behind, many remain stagnant for the sake of preserving those who were in their reality from the initial stages of life unable to let go which is why some have remained in their lacking state until they have met their graves.
What one should consider is that we all have a choice whether to seek contentment in its entirety or settle for the circumstances which were placed before us and accept a life of limited merriment,
Each human being is free to make the choices they see fit in accordance with their life and what they want to attain however if one prefers to remain in conditions in which life is not lived at its optimum then that defeats the purpose of living.
Peace can be attained in simplicity however peace of mind may not be fully realized until one seeks to utilize his utmost potential.

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