Rio Cobre River

Throughout one’s entire life lacking direction
Yearning to embrace the light though within the darkness consumed
My utmost delight to be a victim of rejection
As the rejecter deemed unworthy
Rage diffused by the lighthouse’s reflection
Sturdy, unmovable as the walls throughout Asia
As accustomed to the waves waging war thus abused
Self pity non existent by the heart of a warrior
Brawled with the Titans
Evaded insanity deciphered the esoteric through sheer prudence absent of clues
To trod a dangerous path though by the almighty awarded protection
Bless beyond benevolence as payed thy homage gracious dews
Thus placed high on one’s pedestal
The stone the builder once refused
Anarchy attained ancestral
As the Caymans jaws clenched as flesh chewed

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