Ones heart hardened as the walls ensnaring my fellow fiendsBlack with grime beheld a moonless skyDestined by insolence fools shall meet ones endAs a lamb contented a leopard surely shall dieA lion calm in countenance though with fury struck in a glimpseBy the throat vessels struck carcasses stink thus vultures flyPungent with fear the so […]


To live as a predator of soulsTorment attained from hands of grimness stainedFrom a tender age youths innocent aura has been slainTarnished trashed beheadedNow there exists the reaperBlamed for many deceasedOne who smiles at cruelty nonchalant in natureAs the Minotaur of mythFeared an unlovable beastOh so corrupt a mortal murdered his humanityAnd somehow blesssed as […]


Lifeless lies a pitiful foolStrength proven now ones vigor weakenedAs the frigid abode of mortals utterly cruelA once vigorous rival deemed deceasedMotionless not a word to utterGrasping to take ones final breathTo my amusement beheld a mighty adversary mutterBaffling as ones vitals drain emptyThe excruciation experienced endlessBeheld ones head tilted backwardsThe damage inflicted cannot be […]


In today’s world we live within a societywhere many dream often to their own disappointment.Is it disappointing to have a dream? Absolutely not, however the dissatisfying aspect is when we allow our dreams to die.There are many persons who have abandoned their dreams and passions on account of the saying; passion won’t paythe bills, put […]


Steaming metal rains from the sky As fragments of a shattered meteorite Pelting upon the skin of one’s foes Rage burning though cooled from a heart which froze One’s vessel cold lacking in animation Set ablaze with glee a ceremonial cremation My dedication to life victims tremble with woe A tyrant in nature stemmed a […]


Elation within my heart stems from aspects of the sombre, My rationality remains fully intact and yet ascends throughout the cosmos my mind wonders. Lost in rumination and yet this state is the catalyst for profound discoveries, Facets of the sublime and esoteric are unveiled, by the inspirational awe evoked on account of the humbling […]

Ethereal effervescence

I reminisce in solitude, not by choice but on account of fervent nostalgia, A lothario guided in the path of his own demise Filled with utter despondence by the absence of feminity epitomized. The image of grace remains lucid as I envision the northern lights beheld in her eyes, gleaming with the radiance of Aphrodite’s […]

Sweet Relief

An evident captive my virility Infatuation, a delicate flower Within my loins sustained longlivity As evoked an asteroid shower Disintegrated walls by flames radiance superseded A will to prevail which now ensues On account doubtful contemplations impeded Immediate believeth my callousless soul As a spirit which mourns by her image galvanized Dominance negated by one’s […]


In slumber I drift beheld magnimity’s bliss To awaken to the comfort of precipitations kiss So soothing to behold upon the leaves rejuvenation drips The streams flow effortlessly as a vixen’s strides, experienced a euphoria thus heard a rattle snakes hiss, the sun exposeth its rays of warmth though duly hidden beneath a mysterious mist, […]