To get intimate with a duet of chromed skin beauties To strum the violin while the harp moans Her smile evokes the essence of purity Though by my magnitude massaged tremors within her bones To mingle with the supernatural an appeal beheld the angels influence As to reign in heaven a blinding flare amidst my throne The devil’s conquest dare not tell As to exalt one’s prowess Hell whispers by the celestial’s sweet tone by means adulated as elixirs Syrup to the lips drifted to the bosoms By waves a dry terrain Obliterated chains freed the wrist To summon the rain between her thighs By nature revealed pants exuded bliss Never before seen by the eyes A smirk of satisfaction mingled with amorous cries To fly as a mortal vessel by passion spirits lift Intimacy by fate transcends the fallacy to deny Sealed in secrecy by an innocent lothario’s kiss

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